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Future of Mobility 2023-2024

Saturday, October 15th, 2022

The future of mobility was centre point at the International Mobility Summit 2022 (TIMS20222) that has just concluded. It brought together in Copenhagen the global mobility, transport, and smart city ecosystems. The event attracted about 500-600 participants from as far as Canada and Japan.

The TIMS22 event’s purpose was to connect the public and private sectors within the global mobility and smart city ecosystem to help shape future mobility, liveable cities and sustainable transport.

TIMS will be in Copenhagen in 2023 and might come to Toronto in 2024.

TIMS 2022

The event provided a good overview of the next generation of mobility challenges and opportunities, explored cutting-edge Nordic technology and sustainable solutions helping to make cities and municipalities greener and more sustainable. It also provided access to experience leading-edge solutions in the real world through guided bicycle tours through Copenhagen (bicycle capital of the world), or the DOLL Living Labs where future technologies are piloted and tested on the ground.

One of the red threads throughout the Summit this year was the strong realization for the need to switch from competitive to collaborative paradigms, if we are to address current big complex challenges. That thread was present across sectors and geographies, a welcome hopeful sign.

A Future Mobility Player

This post is not the appropriate place to discuss details about the contents presented in the Summit and insights gained. However, we noted the presence of surprising electric cars made by X-Peng, a Chinese private corporation. Several models were on display and available for test drives. A short drive in one showed good handling, beautiful interior, and a body design described as part Tesla and part Audi. The turning radius was less stellar.

X-PENG P7 Wings -present future of mobility (Source:

A Company To Watch

That same week X-Peng also tested its flying taxi in Dubai. This company seems to be on the move globally: it is already present in Nordic and few European countries, and in a couple of U.S. cities.

Future Mobility: A XPeng X2, an electric flying taxi developed by the Guangzhou-based XPeng, Inc’s aviation affiliate, is tested in front of the Marina District in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Monday, Oct. 10, 2022. Monday’s demonstration was held with an empty cockpit, but the company says it carried out a manned flight test last year of the two-passenger vehicle. (AP Photo/Kamran Jebreili)

Innovations in Visual Search & Its Applications

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

The YTA Business Innovation group holds its sessions on the second Friday of each month. The next session will be on January 8th, 2010  from 12:00 – 1:30 PM, at the Corporate Training Center of Seneca College at 10 Allstate Parkway, Rm 113 in Markham.

Leila Boujnane, the CEO of Idee Inc., will be the featured speaker at this session. Idee Inc. is a Toronto-based company with innovative visual search technology. The topic of recent developments in visual search is timely given the recent disclosures of Google efforts, called “Google Goggles” in this domain. Google’s Visual Search for Android, simply put, is a service that will allow users to take a picture of a location on their Android-powered device, and it will trigger a Google search, which will then pull up information related to the image. Imagine the applications not only in tourism, but even informing consumers decisions about items in stores.

Visual search technology will have significant impact on many industries. The discussion at the January session promises to be interesting and enlightening. Attendance is free for YTA members and for prospective members on approval. You can register at the YTA web site, selecting “Programs”, “Peer Group Meetings”, “Business Innovation Peer Group” and then clicking the “Register” button.

The CIO Exchange

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

IT World Canada (publisher of CIO Canada) in association with the CIO Association of Canada, is holding its first CIO Exchange on September 16th, 2009. The format of this new “forward-facing event” consists of a on-day peer-to-peer direct exchange of insights and expertise around critical issues facing CIOs.

This first CIO Exchange will be addressing the precarious balance between two often-competing principles: the openness necessary to integrate with all partners in the value chain, and the security to ensure the safety of systems and intellectual property — and from potential legal liability. This topic has increasing importance given the rapid proliferation of wireless networks and mobile devices.

The keynote address will be delivered by Chris S. Thomas, Chief Strategist, Intel Corporation and Director of Architecture, World Ahead. Nabil has been invited to participate in this Exchange and will be reporting back in our blog on the outcomes of this event.