About Us


Started in 2002 and leveraging over 35 years of boomers experience in technology management, strategic planning and business consulting with Millenials’ savvy in new media and social business, Manara offers on-demand strategic planning and innovation services. With the rapid changes in technology and business environments, there is need for including business design skills into the management team of organizations to ensure alignment of technology with business objectives as well as proactive visionary and practical contribution to business strategy and its delivery.

Many of our clients are small and medium sized organizations that do not have a dedicated full-time position to cover the business design skills needed, whether it is in the form of a CIO, Chief Strategist,  or Chief Innovation Officer. Yet the need for an injection of experience and fresh thinking to address new challenges and mitigate risks is very much present in most organizations. We provide a cost effective solution for this challenge.

We believe it is important to share the common values of our team:


Leave your business jargon at the door. Manara is about simplicity. About distilling the various components of complex organizations to the few elements that are at its core and that drive everything else. Simplicity brings clarity and purpose.  We strive to incorporate this philosophy into everything we do, from our internal processes to the relations with our clients. We are confident that our track record and your experience working with us will speak for itself.


Everything is connected. Manara recognizes the importance of the whole and the interdependence of the parts. Misalignment can be felt through out an entire organization and can wreak havoc in unexpected ways. We draw on our cross-disciplinary perspective to approach challenges holistically, allowing you to identify root causes and driving elements, and to focus on the shortest path to achieve the objectives of your organization.


We believe that one’s values must be reflected in every aspect of one’s personal and business activities. Value must be lived rather than declared.

At Manara we strongly believe in integrity, respect, and responsibility for our clients, colleagues, communities and environment. We strive to incorporate these values into our every day lives. From telecommuting, eating locally, and offsetting our carbon footprints, to our active involvement in leading edge innovation and sustainable development initiatives, our devotion to these values is infused into the very essence of our daily lives and business practices.

OUR PILLARS: Knowledge, Vision, and Imagination

We apply our knowledge to unraveling what makes your organization tick. It reveals the essence of who you are, and the potential for what you can become. It is by understanding your organization, your goals, your competition and your customers that we can truly create meaningful insights for change. We use our vision of the future to uncover opportunities and challenges. We apply our imagination to assist you in charting your future. We refuse to pigeon hole our clients’ unique needs into a one-for-all process. Innovation requires openness, flexibility, collaboration and a fresh perspective. Every project. Every time.