Our passion is in understanding. We are filled with an insatiable curiosity to understand the how and why that underlay each and every problem we encounter. Our thirst for deep insights has allowed us to accumulate knowledge in several areas:

Strategic Support Services

  • Visualization of complex data for decision makers and multidisciplinary teams
  • Analyzing the implications for your organization of emerging technological, business, and social trends
  • Organizational activities for systematic innovation
  • Preparing your organization for the shifting demographics of this decade
  • Understanding the implications of the emerging sharing economy¬†for your organization
  • Improving business performance and sustainability through innovation in product, service, process, and business models.

Operational Support Services

  • From strategy to actions: how to translate strategic goals to specific and measurable actions
  • Organizational alignment: optimizing your organizational structure and culture for achieving strategic business objectives
  • Community management: creating and engaging internal and external communities for positive change.

Sample Packages

  • Executive One-on-one conversations: For C-level executives seeking to gain insights into specific areas in a private setting allowing for candid discussion.
  • Small group conversations: For board of directors or management teams seeking to discuss needs, challenges and objectives in a safe environment.
  • Full day workshops: Facilitating discussion and articulation of strategic options and specific action plans.
  • Community Engagement: designing and managing the engagement of internal and external stakeholder.
  • Virtual Catalyst: we augment your teams with catalysts and assist in identifying emerging issues, introducing best practices, bridging organizational and cultural silos, and establishing benchmarks for measuring progress.