Manara is an ancient word, meaning lighthouse. Traditionally, lighthouses exposed the hidden dangers that lurked in treacherous coastlines and guided sailors and pilots to safe harbors. They were symbols of clarity in darkness or stormy weather.

Today organizations large and small must navigate constantly shifting paradigms,  disruption threats and rapid changes in their environments, not to mention the ups and down of the economy. We are your lighthouse through these interesting times.

We help you anticipate future developments in your industry through strategic foresight; we assist you in evaluating various scenarios with business modeling tools. And we’re with you every step of the way when planning and implementing the changes required to make your organization more sustainable, resilient and profitable.

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First Circular Economy Symposium at Harvard

March 17th, 2020

On March 6, 2020 the inaugural Circular Economy Symposium was held at Harvard University. An initiative of a team of graduate and undergraduate students from several Harvard schools and supported by two faculty advisors (Nabil Harfoush from the School of Engineering and Carrie Snyder of the Extension School), the events attracted participants from 40 countries. […] Read more >

Right Now:

Manara @manara_inc
Siver Creek Wetland on the shores of Collingwood are threatened by developers. Please help stop that environmental madness. https://t.co/MtSQRxCwqL
Manara @manara_inc
Who would have thought that airplanes would be possible in the green economy? https://t.co/owsWSiDcji

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Flattening the economic & social curve

The social distancing, self-isolation and shelter-in-place measures will hopefully flatten the dispersion curve of the virus. If we put our minds to finding virtual alternatives that are useful and productive, we may perhaps flatten the curve of the economic and social shock that will follow the pandemic. Read more >