Intrapreneurship – Big Initiative from a Small Island

Wasan Island is a small island in lake Rosseau in the heart of Muskoka. It is privately owned by the Breuniger Stiftung, a German non-profit organization. It offers leaders in civil society, politics, culture and business the opportunity to retreat to a peaceful and beautiful environment in order to develop their thinking, networks, and initiatives. Access is by invitation only.

In early September of this year about 20 persons from very diverse backgrounds and organizations (including yours truly) boarded a boat to Wasan Island by invitation of the School of Social Entrepreneurs Ontario with support from the Breuniger Foundation and the BMW foundation. The purpose of the gathering was to explore the role of intrapreneurs and how to create a movement in Canada to support and strengthen their efforts to bring change from within.

The weather gods played along providing blue skies and hot sun enriching the experience further. Over two and half days new friendships were built and rich discussions continued almost around the clock, at meals, workshops, around a log fire, and in- and outside the water, all with the calm and steady facilitation of Renee Devereaux.

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By the end a harvest of ideas, action plans, and volunteers was available to support the launch of the League of Intrapreneurs Canada in conjunction with the world congress happening in Mexico. A number of launch events are scheduled  across Canada for early October.

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