The Foush in Spain

The ESI (European Software Institute) and BIC Berrilan are hosting Rahaf at two events in San Sebastien and Bilbao on June 2, 2009.

ESI-Tecnalia is a private technological center and a non-profit foundation created in 1993 by the European Commission with the support of the Basque Government. ESI’s mission is to contribute to the development of the Information Society and increase industry competitiveness, by means of knowledge, innovation, continuous improvement and the promotion and dissemination of Information Technology.

The ESI main activity is based on helping the software industry in their objectives of producing better software of a higher quality, on time, in the best way and at a lower cost. ESI also develops a wide range of initiatives directed at promoting the development of the Information Society through the use of ICT for citizens and enterprises, especially SMEs and micro-enterprises. A team of over 105 internationally qualified staff provide high added-value services. The staff’s average age is 33 years!

BIC Berrilan is the Center for Business Innovation (CEI) Gipuzkoa that since 1993, develops a range of activities aimed to provide support to any enterprise challenged to innovate. Its mission is to support the creation of new enterprises, diversification of business and to drive the incorporation of innovation in existing businesses. It also provides technical support and infrastructure to its customers.

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