In Montreal and Toronto

It’s so good to be home for a little while! Here’s what I’m up to this week.

Tuesday – Unfinished Business Lectures: Karen Stephenson


The nature of organization lies in its barrier to entry: in how “membership” is defined. This is the raison d’être of organizational “culture”.  This disheartening social fact is all the more lamentable in today’s globally interconnected world where our need to meaningfully integrate across disciplines, cultures and firms is more important than ever before. Historically, the prevailing wisdom was to let good ideas “bubble up”, but along with the economic myth of “trickle down” it is just and only that, MYTH! A counter these myths are the proven anthropological approaches that get to the heart of culture, using interviews and participant-observational techniques….all good, but still very time-consuming. What is needed is a new way to reliably accelerate an accurate diagnosis of an organization and intervene to produce predictable and sustainable (read: healthy) change.

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Wired Wednesday

I am going to Wired Wednesday to hear David Crow and Saul Colt speak about cool geeky things that make my heart go pitter patter.  It’s free. It starts at 6. Details here.

Thursday – The Social, MySpace Canada, Toronto

This Thursday I will be the keynote at “The Social” MySpace Canada’s industry event. I will be talking about my new book Yes We Did which is being published in May 2009.

I will also be participating on a panel called “The Social Circle” which will be moderated by Nora Young of CBC Radio’s Spark and include:

  • Yanick Bedard, Director of New Media, Sid Lee Montreal
  • Dave Stevens, General Manager, MySpace Canada
  • Dr. Boris Wertz, CEO of Nexopia and W Media Ventures

Friday – #Geeklunch

I will be organizing a #geeklunch this Friday April 3, 2009 in Toronto. It will probably be at the Bright Pearl since I have a major Dim Sum craving! If you are interested following the #geeklunch tag on Twitter for final details. This time I will bring my camera since I had so much fun at our last one!

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