Update from Switzerland – Where did March go?!

I checked the calendar today and did a double take.  Was it already March 22?  How is that possible?  Maybe time moves differently in the land of chocolate!  I can’t believe my last post was on March 3rd.  Much has happened in the last two weeks as I get settled into the routine of living in a new country.  I acquired my very first Swiss souvenir: a mild concussion. That’s right, in a brilliant display of grace, balance and poise I took the mother of all spills outside of the Foreign Visa office, knocking myself out cold. I’ll let my travel blog update those of you who want more details, since I would like to keep this a place of Foushy business!

I spend my days learning about the World Economic Forum and sifting through the large volume of research they have done over the past year. It is a veritable treasure trove of data that tickles my information addiction. At night I polish my chapters and send them to the editor and copy-editor. It is amazing to see the book start to take a definite shape, it won’t be long before I get the first galley!

Some quick updates:

  • I will be creating a special page on the site for the book, where I will upload some of the videos that I recorded while down in Chicago and other interesting tidbits so keep an eye out for that!
  • I’ll be returning to North America at the end of March and will post more details on when and where, hopefully we can put together a Toronto #Geeklunch?
  • I am currently wading through two hundred emails that I haven’t been able to access due to spotty internet connections and hitting my head. If I owe you something please be patient or resend if it is time sensitive.

I am so glad to finally return to a normal blogging and twittering schedule!

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