Openness and the Agile Learning

I recently blogged about moving from “micro-blogging to micro-learning“. Since then I have come to think about this process as Agile Learning. Through a tweet on Twitter today I found new contributions to the analysis of deep changes that are going to hit the education sector.

It is a slide deck by David Wiley of the Department for Instructional Psychology and Technology at the Brigham Young University. In his presentation titled “Openness and the Disaggregated Future of Education” Wiley presents a comparison between the current educational system characteristics and those of the open connected world of today.

Measuring against six core descriptors:

  • Digital
  • Mobile
  • Connected
  • Personal
  • Creating
  • Open

Wiley highlights the shortcomings of the current education system including those of e-learning!

It became clear to me that any method that allows agile learning will be quickly embraced by many people, particularly the millennial or Net generation whether they consciously understand the deficiencies of the current educational model or not. They just intuitively sense that it is a more efficient way for them to learn what they are most interested in learning.

Highly recommended reading if you wish to understand why the Agile Learning is emerging. Click here to see the full slide deck.

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